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Connecting Food,
Culture, and People

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The Best Service

Tradition, Quality Food

A proper Japanese meal needs to be enjoyed with all five senses, be it in the feel of the dishware, the sound of the ambiance, or the visual aesthetic of your surroundings. This is why our Aji sushi restaurant is all about providing quality food in a quality environment, to give you a feast for all of your sensibilities and leave you feeling happy, balanced, and thoroughly satisfied.

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  • Aji Sushi Newcastle Opening

  • After a series of brand testing, Aji Sushi Newcastle, a place where you can enjoy fine-casual Japanese cuisine in an industrial style interior space, has opened in December.

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  • AJi Koharu Pederal Way Opening

  • Mori Sushi Renton Opening

  • Loved by numerous customers, Aji Sushi has been renewed as a more luxurious and stylish brand.

  • A more spacious environment, better service, and the highest quality Japanese cuisine can now be enjoyed at Mori Sushi Renton.

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Since 2013


  • Aji Sushi Brand Launching

  • Based on 10 years of experience working in world-renowned hotels, Chef Daniel Yang's Aji Sushi was born.

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Welcome to
AJI Sushi & Grill!



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